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be_my_answer's Journal

ashley joalene

love remains the same
27 July 1988
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I'm Ashley Joalene Roberts. While my mother loved the named Ashley, my dad loved it because of the character in "Gone With the Wind" named Ashley. My middle name was my maternal grandmother's first name and I never met her. I just turned 20 on July 27th. I'm a freshman in college, majoring in mental health and human services. I'm the shortest person most of my friends know, coming in at a whopping four feet, nine inches. I have medical problems up the wazoo, that all intertwine with each other in some way. I was diagnosed bipolar a little over a year ago and have just recently seeked treatment for it. Along the way, I was diagnosed with ADHD, panic disorder with agoraphobia, and social phobias. I've been in a psychiatrist's chair since I was 11, though. I live with my parents and my boyfriend, for the time being. I have days where I realize that I'm stronger than I think I am. My mom tells me that I'm assertive, not aggressive. I have a constant headache. I'm the daughter of an alcoholic mother and a Vietnam veteran father. I have 2 tattoo's, both from the band Saves The Day, my nose pierced and my lip pierced. I'm in love with the most amazing man, Sam. We've been together for almost a year and a half and I wouldn't be anywhere I am right now, without him.

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